BMW x6 is probably the most eye-catching BMW on the road.

On the market for six years nowover 200,000 units have been sold so there are many of you who like this car.

bmw x6

bmw x6

In the next couple of minutes you will be one, of the first to explore the all-new BMW x6 in detail so let’s take a look at the, design the performance and let’s compare it to the first generatio. The real eye-catcher here is the copay like roo-fline conveying dynamics and elegance. This impact is supported by its dynamic proportions, due to the long wheelbase short overhang and the dynamic engine hood. Now another striking feature is the second line.

The second generation of the BMW x6 introduces an entirely new interpretation of this BMW key design. The signal line is split into two separate lines with the second, emerging over the rear wheel arch below them another character line slightly rises from the arch of the air breather. The air breather is a new feature, which ads sportiness to the design but also improved ventilation and efficiency.

All in all the elegant lines of the new BMW x6 generates a recognizable wedge shape and makes it look highly dynamic even when it stands still. Now let’s have a look at the front, the kidney grille and the double headlamps. For a visual unit and for the first time this grill comes in cerium gray color as a distinguishing mark of the optional design. Pure extravagance package, now compared to the predecessor, this grill is flatter and wider and this setup, presumes throughout the front section and gives the BMW x6 its athletic presence. Now the new air curtains just like the air breathers we just saw is more than just a gadget for coolness, they are part of being double used efficient dynamics strategy and contribute to efficiency. The rear with the light green house above a sturdy vehicle body underscores. 

The sound stand on the road characteristic of the BMW x6 and the new, full LED tail lights come in the BMW typical L shape which have increased in length and this very stylish-looking optical under body protection made of brushed steel is another feature of the striking design for extravagance package. Now luxury has always been spelled with an X so they say now let’s put this claim to the test. The first impression the elevated sitting position for a good traffic overview a feature hallmark of the BMW x series.

A further hallmark space (now i’m fairly tall about 185 or six foot one) and as you can see it is very, comfortable and spacious to sit inside and even on the back seats, I still have enough headroom. Regardless its size the spacious car is really easy to handle, thanks to the multi camera system and parking assistant. This is luxury of a perfect fit and the sense of luxury resume throughout exclusive materials like the bicolor nappa leather and the high level of craftsmanship involved an explicit field. Numerous new storage solutions allow for an optimal use of the interior space and make the all-new BMW x6 a sporty car with surprising functionality.

BMW is the innovation leader in vehicle connectivity and has pioneered several, technologies. As a matter of course this next generation car comes with a whole new set of connectivity systems and services. Some of which are unique in class all of which improve the driver’s safety and convenience. For instance the new full color head-up display provides a range of significant information such as displaying current, speed or speed limits or the navigation system and entertainment information.  So, that you can keep your eyes on the road. The optional BMW driving assistant plus includes a great variety of features. Another selectable function the traffic jam system maintains a defined following distance to the vehicle ahead and controls the speed right down to a standstill. It also provides active steering even curves and keeps the driver on course up to 60 kilometers an hour, a popular feature is the BMW concierge service which has BMW call center agents act as your personal assistants. Let’s say for instance you’re looking for a specific destination. Your call center agents will offer advice and if necessary, send the address details straight to your navigation system.

Another cool feature: as long as I have my key in my pocket the tail gate opens upon touching the trunk handle without me having to unlock the vehicle first. Also a standard feature is the second seat roll with the 40 20 40 partition and folded down the 580 leader trunk transforms into an enormous 1525 leader trunk. The sound of the all-new BMW x6 petrol engine range is great. The x-drive50i boosting 450 horsepower and a massive 650 newton meters of torque, good enough for a sprint from 0 to 100 in just 4.8 seconds. Following BMW Efficient Dynamics philosophy, all engines come with BMW Twin Power Turbo technology and eight-speed, automatic at BMW performance is not just an end in itself while the acceleration of all models has been improved over their predecessors, the fuel consumption and co2 emissions have been lowered.

Naturally performance goes hand in hand with driver`s comfort and safety. Optional adaptive suspension settings allow for the ideal relation between, sportiness and comfort. The optional BMW dynamic performance control provides greater dynamics and optimum tracking stability even at high speeds. Overall with the all-new BMW x6 you get an expressive and unique sports activity. Coupe design the luxury of perfect fit and exhilarating power and dynamics for more information visit BMW X6 Official site.

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