So many things happen in an elevator and some cannot go without being mentioned. An elevator is the last place you step in before reaching your office. I am quite sure that you have had so many horrible experiences happen to you. This is a place where you meet your crash and you surely have nothing to say. It is a place where sometimes you are met with ten bodies that are sweaty and leave you with a lot to chew. I remember my first experience with the elevator and to be honest as I was scared as hell when the thing started going up.

It is one of those days that I will always live to remember. I have had my share of bad experiences in the elevator but nothing trounces the one I just had last week. I was coming off from work then a beautiful lady walked in. I was coming from the fifteenth floor whereas she was coming from the fourteenth floor as she entered the elevator everything was quite okay until she farted and made matters worse. I almost chocked as she was killing me softly with what she had unleashed. Me for being the gentleman I was I decided to keep quiet. She came out on the 12th floor and in stepped an old man and his wife. You can tell the look in their eyes when they entered the elevator. I was left feeling embarrassed not knowing what to do, Should I defend myself or let it go. They looked at me with telling eyes but I could not gather the courage to tell them that it wasn’t me. I just kept quiet and came out on the 10th floor and entered another elevator. Never fart when we are together in an elevator. It is really gross!!

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