bm i8 sexy girl
bm i8 sexy girl

BMW i8 sexy girl

Yesterday I had the most sexy dream ever. It involved the brand new BMW i8 and some sexy chat girl. This is the sexiest car I have seen from long time. It has some nice lines and the engine is fantastic. It looks like a UFO and it runes even better. But the problem is I can`t decide whats hotter, some hot girls that do freesexchat from last night or this car …. hmm I think would chose the car.
In my dream I had them both. It was a realistic dream because if you get the new BMW i8 you can get any hot girl you like. Its a true chick magnet.
This great german car was first introduced as a concept car, a dream that became reality. It`s a hybrid sports car that can go 37km only on electricity, without consuming any bit of fuel.
It can go from 0 to 100 in 4.4 seconds (thats really fast for a car)  and fuel efficiency of 2.1L/100KM what I believe its incredible.

If you want this car you can buy it from the starting price of 140.000$ since 2014 when it was released . If you get it your a really lucky guy!!!

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